Liyana Parker

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1) Online entries will close at 8pm on the Thursday
evening of 30TH NOVEMBER 2023.
2) On race day, manual entries will be accepted until 1h15 prior to the start
of each race.
3) A race briefing will take place 1 hour prior to the start of each race. It is
compulsory for all individuals and at least 1 member of each relay team to
attend these briefings.
4) Medals to first 200 finishers (where applicable) as they finish. The rest
can be collected or mailed as soon as new order arrived. Postage costs is
for the entrant’s account. Arrangements can be made for bulk courier to
save costs.
5) Prize giving for  will take place on Sunday, approximately fifteen
minutes after completion of the  race.
6) Cheques and Postal orders are not accepted
7) Monies are not refundable for non-participation in the event, and entries
may not be exchanged.
8) Results will be available after the event on www.wrightracetiming.co.za.
Please be aware, if your timing chip is obscured, you may not receive
correct readings on the results.
9) Timing chips are not to be bend and must be returned. It stays the
property of Wright Timing Devices.
10) One official refreshment station will be on the circuit, but multi hour
individual runners are allowed to have their own support table next to the
circuit for support of special shakes, meals, etc.
12) If you exit the circuit, you must enter it again from the same point. Only
acceptable points are, at the official check point, your personal support
table and at the toilet facilities.
13) Unmarked officials will constantly be on the park to check if these, and
other rules are abided by. This is a sport and event of honour and
character, so no cheating will be tolerated.
14) If unsure about something you need to, or want to do, rather complete
the round you are busy with and ask at the checkpoint for clarity.
15) The 100 miler and 6 day runners are allowed 1 seconder at a time for
support, especially during night-time. This is however regarded as a
courtesy and seconders may be requested from time to time to leave the
circuit due to congestion, for example when the shorter races have started,
and to maintain covid 19 protocols.
16) Kindly take special note of especially individual runners in the longer
races and allow them the inner side of the circuit. They will run hour after
hour, and sometimes reflexes shut down, so do speed past them if you can,
but please don’t do so to just go start walking in front of him/her. Kindly
keep slightly right if you need to slow down, and even indicate that you are
planning to do so.
17) The 100 miler and 100km entrants must complete the distance within
their respective time limits, to qualify for trophies. They may stop once the
distance is reached but can continue for the full time if wanting to see what
distance they can cover.
18) We will do our best to light up the circuit for runners going through the
night, but rather come prepared with a backup head- or waist light to be
used in the event of a power outage or if you feel the light is insufficient.
Generators will still be run to ensure non-stop timing and basic lighting at
the checkpoint if an outage occur.
19) When reaching the full time of the race entered for, runners are to exit
the circuit. The same when cut off times for the 10km and 5km has been
24. Only fully completed rounds will count towards the official results.
25. All entrants are required to agree to the indemnity and to sign this on
the entry form.

In consideration of the acceptance of my entry, I myself, my executors, heirs, administrators and assigns, do hereby release myself and discharge any and all sponsors, any and all organizers, any and all volunteer groups, all medical personnel, any and all local authorities from any claims for injury, damage or property loss I may suffer caused by any negligence arising out of my participation in this event including Pre and Post race activities.

I declare that I am physically fit and sufficiently trained to participate in these events and assume all risk for such participation. I accept all rules, conditions, which include the terms of payment of the entry fee and comply with them